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The Endicott Studio  
directed by
Terri Windling and Midori Snyder

This incredible website is
dedicated to the use of mythology,
folklore, folk arts, and fairy tales in
all forms of contemporary art.
The Journal Archives are filled
with wonderful essays, many
discussing the interrelationship
between myth, healing and
transformative journeys.
Interstitial Arts
""The Interstitial Arts Foundation
is a not-for-profit organization
dedicated to the celebration,
study, and promotion of
Interstitial Art — and to the
support of artists who work
between or across genres and
traditions. Our goals are to
foster connections between
interstitial artists in a wide
variety of fields and to support
the efforts of individuals and
organizations (small presses,
events venues, etc.) that bring
various forms of interstitial art
before the general public."
The Site of
Andrew Vachss
resources and
for the prevention of
child abuse
and for trauma
SurLaLune Fairy Tales
Heidi Anne Heiner's terrific
sourceof information about
fairy tales;
"A portal to the realm of fairy
tale and folklore studies "
Meiying, Beautiful Flower
A fairy tale based upon
symbolism in chinese art
and folklore.
"Jim Fox is one of the
very best among all the
best jazz guitarists."
~ Harvey Barkin, LA Jazz
A collection of lullabies and
"quiet-time" music for children
and adults performed by
Jeanne Pisano Voice
Julie Berghofer
Meg Fox  CoverArt
Mel Fenson
"There is something lovely and
calming about listening to the
selections on "Angel Child". It
may be Jeanne Pisano's voice or
Julie Berghofer's harp or  more
likely the symbiotic blending of
their hearts."
~ Estelle and Carl Reiner
Some Additional Sites
Featuring My Art:
Healing Through Myt...
By Meg Zivahl-Fox
A Distinguished Computer
Art Site