An artist collaboration exploring the therapeutic realm of video storytelling with traditional and original music.
Images from previous galleries have been incorporated into these videos demonstrating a way to re-use images to tell a story.


“Scarborough Fair," is a traditional English ballad about unrequited love. With a host of versions dating as far back as 1670, the familiar refrain "parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme," first appeared during the 19th century. All versions contain riddles, both sides requesting a solution before love might be reciprocated. In this rendition, the illustrations combine themes from multiple adaptations, in particular Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight [Child 4].

An illustrated interpretation of the Renaissance carol named after the city of Coventry, England. This contemporary version focuses on the protection of innocent children across Earth. The old-English slang words "lully, lullay, lully, lullay," mean "I saw, I saw.”

A universal adaptation of the song, Breath of Heaven, addressing self-doubt, difficult challenges and
a shared need for compassion, kindness and moral support.

An illustrated song for the inner child and the magic of our child-self