The selection of digital-collage images in Gallery 1 incorporate free-association writing techniques including illegible scribbling as an element of design. Further use of script as visual expression of retrieved memories was applied with the addition of selected torn text from fairy tales and by integrating known literary works into the collage. All images incorporate photographs and/or drawings of trees, bark and tree root systems with links to the history, preservation efforts, educational resources and tourism for the region. 




“Trees don't simply maintain the conditions necessary for human and most animal life on earth, trees created these conditions through the community of forests. Trees paved the way for the human family. The debt we owe them is too big to ever repay.”

Dianna Beresford-Kroeger

To Speak for the Trees:
My Life's Journey from Ancient Celtic Wisdom
to a Healing Vision of the Forest

Call Of The Forest
“The Forgotten Wisdom Of Trees”
The Film

 California is considered a global biodiversity hotspot with a greater variety of plant and animal species than any other state in the USA. The Pacific coast is part of the California Floristic Province, home to the Ancient Coast Redwoods (Sequoia sempervirens), and the endangered tree, Sequoiadendron giganteum. This astounding, other-worldly giant Sequoia is one of the largest life forms on Earth.


“When you get up into the crown of a redwood tree, you lose sight of the ground entirely. You also lose sight of the sky. And you’re in a lost world. You’re in an undiscovered, unexplored ecosystem, somewhere between Heaven and Earth, filled with forms of life, not all of which have been given names by scientists yet.”

- Richard Preston

The following two collage-story images, The Roses and the Sparrows and Forest Child, include photographs and Prismacolor pencil drawings of Coast Redwoods.